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07/31/19 Crystal Bowl Hypnosis *Abundance*

Come join The Angel Lady and Jennifer Dawn for a POWERFUL TRANSMUTATION 💥💥💥 We are combining our gifts to help YOU attract ABUNDANCE into your life !!! In a group setting, Christie will help you tap into your subconscious to dig out resistance within you that stops you from attracting love, financial security or any other manifestation of abundance. Then Jenn will play the Crystal Bowls and intuitively tone to replace that resistance with healing vibrational flow and send out your intentions for what abundance you need 💗💗💗 We have some back jacks, chairs and 4 zero gravity chairs ( 2 standard, 2 for the curvy). You may reserve a zero gravity by request and prepayment. Bring your blankie, yoga mat, crystal, stuffed animal or whatever else you need for maximum relaxation 😊 PJs are totally acceptable for this event!!! $30 prepaid, $40 at the door

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