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07/21/19 Advanced Reiki Training (Reiki III) - ICRT Lineage

Pre-requisite: *Reiki I and II classes, any lineage as long as there was actual training (attunements with no class are not acceptable). *6 months of practicing Reiki regularly We will receive a new symbol, learn what it is used for and practice using it. We will go over and practice several advanced Reiki techniques. Deepen your understanding of Reiki and prepare yourself for the following level which is Master/Teacher. $200 if taking both. $250 if alone. LAST CHANCE FOR THIS DISCOUNT Contact Jennifer Dawn at 518-335-4866 to register. LAST DAY TO REGISTER JULY 13, 2019 PLEASE NOTE LOCATION CHANGE TO 75 COURT STREET, FUTURE HOME OF THE LOTUS CENTER.

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