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04/22 Reiki 2 with Jennifer Dawn

The second level for Reiki. Pre-requisite is Level I Reiki, any lineage as long as it included a class to learn how to use Reiki. A simple attunement without training will not qualify. Learn more uses for Reiki, 3 symbols and their uses. You will be attuned to Level II Reiki and have lots of time to practice so that you can confidently use Reiki in your everyday life. Price includes all of that just mentioned, the International Center for Reiki Training manual, handouts, and a Level I Reiki Practitioner certificate. You may take II alone, or take I and II back to back. You must attend the full class to receive your certificate. Reiki II alone is $150. Reiki I and II together is $250. Class size will be limited to 12.

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