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02/24 - Restorative AcuYoga

24 February at 14:30–17:30

Restorative AcuYoga is a blend of restorative yoga and acupuncture. During this three hour workshop you will be guided through a restorative yoga sequence, which will be followed by a balancing (optional) ear acupuncture treatment received during a 40 to 50 minute savasana (final resting pose). Restorative yoga is a practice that helps you develop a deeper understanding of your ability to relax. It invites you to explore your capacity to be present, both within the body and mind, while approaching this space with an open heart. During this practice you will be guided through a sequence, exploring both passive and active poses, with the support of props (e.g. blocks, blankets, bolsters). It is by remaining present that we’re able to face the dualities in life, working our way through darkness in order to find the light. Ear acupuncture involves the insertion of one to two acupuncture needles (which are thin, solid, single-use, and sterile) into various auricular points on each ear. The ear holds a microsystem, which means that there is a point on the ear that correlates to the entire body. The insertion of these needles elicits a therapeutic response and can improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Each month these workshops will focus on different energetics housed within the body that can become out of balance with the fluctuations within the seasons, as well as by daily stressors. By targeting the body from an energetic standpoint, it invites one to syncopate with nature’s rhythms, bringing mind, body, and spirit back into a state of balance. *This practice is open to all levels, beginners are welcome (if you have concerns about attending, please do not hesitate to reach out to Danielle and/or Melissa). *Acupuncture treatment is optional, if you decide to opt out please let us know ahead of time *Pre-registration/payment is required as space is limited to 10 participants *Cost is $60 *As space is limited, we do require a 72 hour cancelation notice *Please arrive 15 minutes early to get settled in HOW TO REGISTER: - Go to - Click on the drop down menu + then the Restorative AcuYoga tab - Click on "Register Now" - you will then be prompted through the steps to register. To learn more about Danielle and her Acupuncture practice, Avenue Acupuncture, visit her web-site: To learn more about Melissa Light and her business and offerings, visit her web-site: Should you have any questions about the workshop, don’t hesitate to contact Melissa at or Danielle at

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